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Choosing your relationships

My sweet mother,

Human contact has done me much harm, but I cannot give up this habit. I have made many efforts to stop all human contacts, but I cannot. I don't know what to do. [new p. 120]

Mother, let me open to you and to no one else, always, always. Give me patience.

I don't think it would be good for you to live completely retired and turned in on yourself. The whole thing is to choose your relationships well. You must choose to enter into relation only [old p. 120]with those whose contact does not veil my presence. This is the important point which should never be forgotten. All that leads you away from me in thought and feeling is bad. All that brings you closer to me and gives you the perception and joy of my presence is good. You should judge things in the light of this rule. You will see that it will help you to protect yourself from many mistakes.

I send you much patience and all my love.

2 May 1934

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 16, pp. 119-120