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Three modes of self-giving

Three typical modes of total self-giving to the Divine:

(1) To prostrate oneself at His feet, giving up all pride in perfect humility.

(2) To unfold one's being before Him, open one's whole body from head to foot, as one opens a book, exposing one's centres so as to make all their movements visible in a complete sincerity that allows nothing to remain hidden.

(3) To nestle in His arms, to merge in Him in a loving and absolute trust.

These movements may be accompanied by three formulas or any one of them according to the case: [new p. 103][old p. 109]

(1) Let Thy Will be done and not mine.

(2) As Thou willest, as Thou willest.

(3) I am Thine for eternity.

Generally, when these movements are done in the true way, they are followed by a perfect identification, a dissolution of the ego, giving rise to a sublime felicity.

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 14, pp. 108-109