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When I report to you about the doings of others, does it mean that I complain against them and is it right to do that?

It all depends upon your attitude. If you report a matter with a spirit of vengeance against someone or to show your superiority or with any other personal motive, then it is absolutely wrong and you should not do that. But the true way is that you should be like a mirror and reflect faithfully whatever you see. Don't give your personal colouring and be quite dispassionate. If there is something wrong in the mirror itself, then I can correct it. But you must try to make sure that your mirror does not distort the picture.\S


Of course it is bad to complain against anybody. But what X thinks is not correct. If you always remained in meditation, then and then only could you say that you see no evil, hear no [old p. 89]evil and speak no evil. But when you are in the field of work, you have to give me the information. Don't sit down to judge. Be like a mirror and give the correct image of what you see. It is possible your mirror may be defective, but that is my business and I shall see to it. You have to do your best, to give a correct image according to your light.

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 13, pp. 188-89