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Community life

A community life must necessarily have a discipline in order that the weaker may not be maltreated by the stronger; and this discipline ought to be respected by all those who wish to live in that community.

But for the community to be happy it is necessary that this discipline should be determined by someone or by those who have the greatest broadness of mind and, if possible, by him or [old p. 171]by those who are conscious of the Divine Presence and are surrendered to that.

For the earth to be happy, power should be in the hands of those alone who are conscious of the Divine Will. But this is impossible at the moment because the number of those who are truly conscious of the Divine Will is negligible and these have necessarily no ambition.

To tell the truth, when the hour comes for this realisation, this will come about quite naturally. [new p. 166]

The duty of each one is to prepare oneself for that as completely as one can.

18 February 1972

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 13, pp. 170-71