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"Thirst for progress"

7 October 1964

... And naturally, the thirst for progress, the thirst for knowledge, the thirst for transformation and, above all, the thirst for Love and Truth--if one keeps that, one goes quicker. Truly a thirst, a need, a need.

All the rest has no importance; it is that one has need of.

To cling to something one believes that one knows, to cling to something that one feels, to cling to something that one loves, to cling to one's habits, to cling to one's so-called needs, to cling to the world as it is, it is that which binds you. You must undo all that, one thing after another. Undo all the ties. And it has been said thousands of times and people continue to do the same thing.... Even they who are most eloquent and preach that to others, do c-l-i-n-g--they cling to their way of seeing, their way of feeling, their habit of progress, which seems for them the only one.

No more bonds--free, free. Always ready to change everything, except one thing: to aspire, this thirst.

I understand well, there are people who do not like the idea of a "Divine", because immediately it gets mixed up with all those European or Occidental conceptions (which are horrible) and then that complicates their life somewhat--but you are not in need of that!--the "Something" one is in need of, the Love one is in need of, the Truth one is in need of, the supreme Perfection one is in need of--and that is all. The formulas... the fewer formulas there are the better. But that: a need, which the Thing alone can satisfy--nothing else, no half-measure, only that. And then, you go!... Your way will be your way, that has no importance--whatever the way, it does not matter, it does not matter; even the extravagances of the modern American youth can be a way; that has no importance. [old 7]

As Sri Aurobindo says: "If you cannot make God love you, [new p. 7]make Him fight you. If He will not give you the embrace of the lover, compel Him to give you the embrace of the wrestler. [Note: Thoughts and Aphorisms, Cent. Vol. 17, p. 130] For He is sure to conquer you.

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 11, p. 6