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218--Hate not the oppressor, for, if he is strong, thy hate increases his force of resistance; if he is weak, thy hate was needless.

219--Hatred is a sword of power, but its edge is always double. It is like the Kritya\note {Magic process.} of the ancient magicians which, if baulked of its prey, returned in fury to devour its sender.

220--Love God in thy opponent, even while thou strikest him; so shall neither have hell for his portion.

221--Men talk of enemies, but where are they? I only see wrestlers of one party or the other in the great arena of the universe.

All this is written to awaken mankind to the sense of its own unity. When one has become conscious of this Unity and when one sees the Divine in all beings, it is easy to feel as Sri Aurobindo recommends.

9 December 1969

Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 10, p. 281