Building together an IP community

Each page on the IPI and SACCS websites now allows you to add comments. We hope that this will make the site more interactive, and that it will help to create a sense of community amongst those who have an interest in Integral and Indian approaches to Psychology.

Please find below some help on how best to use these comments.

To enter a comment, you have first to login.

  • If you have an existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account, you can use these to login.
  • If you don't , or if you want to give your comments under a different name, you can also login via DISQUS, the company which hosts the comments.
    • In that case you need to give a name under which your comments will be listed.
    • It is nice if you give your real name, but you can also use a pseudonym.
    • Either way, you do need to give a real email address.
      As far as we know, this email address is only used for authentication: it will not be displayed.
  • For more help, see the DISQUS website.

The addition of comments is still in process, and so is this help-page.
Please bear with us and if you cannot find what you need, please come back in a few days.


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